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Piecemaker Pollen Press Stamps - Fits All 30mm Wide Pollen Presses
Piecemaker Pollen Press Stamps - Fits All 30mm...
Genuine Piecemaker Stamps Fits Any 30mm Wide Pollen Press Stainless Steel Embossed Stamps For The Piecemaker Press We now stock all 5 of the stainless steel stamps for the Piecemaker Press. Choose from the following designs Leaf Double...
£10.99 *
Super Herbal Magnetic Pollen Press
Super Herbal Magnetic Pollen Press
Using heat and pressure, the Super Herbal Press compresses your herb into one compact piece, removing moisture, increasing density and forming a crusty, sealed surface. That hard surface is important because it protects the material from...
£14.99 * £19.99 *
Piecemaker Press
Original Piecemaker Press - Heavy Duty Pocket...
The Piecemaker is the ultimate pollen pressing kit. A heavy duty piece of equipment, the Piecemaker compresses your pollen into a compact piece. Piecemaker Features: Capacity: 22 Grams Perfectly manufactured stainless steel press 100 %...
£169.95 *