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Volcano Classic
Volcano Classic with Easy Valve
The original Volcano Classic is robust with an electromechanical design. Vaporization temperature can be set between 130° and 230°C (266° and 446°F) Robust, completely electromechanical design Three years warranty Temperature accuracy ±...
£299.00 * £319.00 *
Volcano Hybrid by Storz & Bickel
Volcano Hybrid
The wait is finally over as Storz & Bickel have now upgraded the Volcano. We welcome the NEW Volcano Hybrid with a duel delivery system (ballon or whip) and an improved Double Helix heat exchanger, this baby heats up and can be used in...
£400.00 *
Volcano Digit
Volcano Digit
The Volcano Digit come with a shapely, brushed metal cone. Care was taken to use tasteless materials that are food safe. The high-performance heating cartridge and the strong diaphragm pump can withstand the toughest stresses and...
£399.00 *
Plenty Vaporizer
The Plenty Handheld Vaporizer
Storz & Bickel have released their very first Hand Held Whip Vaporizer called The Plenty Vaporizer. Living up to their reputation, you can see why they choose the name Plenty, cause a few of these, you've had plenty. The Plenty Vaporizer...
£179.99 * £199.99 *